Why blogging?

Two reasons – first I love to write and second I love to share. So, I decided to share what I love to do. Though I do not have that great writing skill, I can still play around some words and click a few amateurish photographs – sufficient to cook up something for a blog!

Why the name..?

As a child I always used to wonder why the mountain was blue. Being from a no-mountain, no-sea land, I too wanted to find out why the seawater was blue. When I grew up and actually did see the sea and went to the hills, I knew they were not actually blue. Therefore, knowingly or unknowingly, I have always been associating the colour blue with imagination and hope. My blog is about those events and experiences of my life that is fuelling my imagination.

What’s in?

I’m writing about different incidents of my life, about my travels, about my living, my point of view about anything and so many things I love to share or believe worth sharing.

Why the blog is about life …?

Life itself is a big experiment worth sharing.  

Why should one read….?

This blog is not about me or my life. It is about the places, things and events that came across the path of my life. Many of you might share the same path travelled by me. Sharing one’s experiences would make this journey more pleasant.

Finally a word about the Blogger

Here I am - an aspiring blogger. A banker by profession and a blogger by inspiration. I and my wife are based at Muscat, Oman. We love to explore places, love to eat and experiment new recipes.

I belong to a small village located at India’s north eastern state of Assam. It’s full of greenery and the lush green paddy fields turn into golden during autumn. As I said, we do not have any mountain or sea. But, river waters engulf the neighbouring places of our village during the rainy season. It’s water, water and water all the way wherever you see! On a clear day, standing on our rooftop, I could hazily see the blue hills of Arunachal and always longed to visit a mountain. I have always been fascinated by the blue hills and mighty oceans.  Whenever I get a break from my busy schedule, I love to explore places, love to relax and write. I also appreciate the beauty of flowers.

That's all about me in a nutshell. Now, it's your turn for feedback.

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Keep Surfing, Keep Exploring, Keep Reading and Keep Sharing.

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